Tuesday 19 July 2011

SE: Raptor Run 25/50

The Raptor Run 25/50
Endurance ride
October 15, 2011

Held in the beautiful and historic William B. Bankhead National Forest, near, Moulton, Alabama.

About Bankhead Forest:
One of the Deep South's finest pockets of deep woods, Alabama's William B. Bankhead National Forest has a potential for adventure and natural beauty you'd expect of a bigger, wilder place. The forest's 180,000 acres encompass pine-clad and hardwood forest, streams, deep gorges, and an arkful of wildlife. Thread your way into one of its deeper hollows and you'll find stands of giant, ancient trees; in typical southern Appalachian fashion, they'll likely be a diverse lot that includes yellow pine, eastern hemlock, and cucumber magnolia all jumbled together. And the music of falling water will almost certainly be heard wherever you go. Walking through the deep gorges is like walking into the “Land of the Lost”....be sure to stay alert, the dinosaurs of millions of years ago could be lurking in the dark ravines or rock ledges!

The horse trails consists of 25 miles of carefully laid out design to protect the environment and to allow the user to explore the forest from horseback. About 95% of the trail consists of single track riding. There is usually plenty of natural water on the trails with the exception of during very dry weather. In such case, ride management will provide water on the trail. The terrain is gently rolling to moderate hills, little rock and generally good footing. The trails drain exceptionally well during wet weather. Cruppers and breast collars are not necessary, shoes recommended, but pads are not needed. There is some of gravel road, and less than .4 mile of pavement, that will be the access to the camp and vet checks. The start (rider check in) and finish line will be roughly .35 mile from camp on a gravel road.

Vet Checks:
All vet checks will be in camp. The vet check area will be clearly marked, as well as the crewing areas. Vet check criteria will be declared at the pre-ride meeting by the head control judge. All decisions of the control judges will be final.

Typical weather:
Weather can be very pleasant this time of year. Average highs are 73 degrees with lows around 49 degrees

All competitors will receive a T-Shirt completion award. Additional awards will be Top Ten, Best Condition, First Junior, First Mare to Finish, First place finisher, High Vet Score, Turtle, some breed awards and various “special” Raptor awards.

Primitive camping, no people water, but horse water will be provided.

Meals will consist of grilled ribeye steak sandwiches with choice of chips and drink. Additional meals may be purchased at check in @ $7/meal, but in order to plan please mark on your entry if you plan to purchase an additional meal. Rider’s meal are included in the entry fee.

Parking Fees:
We are collecting a $10/rig parking fee that covers Thursday through Sunday use of the field to the landowner. This will be collected at check in.

For more information and ride entry, see:

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