Wednesday 20 July 2011

NW: Pink Flamingo Update

20 July 2011

I have been getting a ton of pre-registrations in the mail this week for the Pink Flamingo Classic held August 6 & 7 just south of Cascade, Idaho (  I just wanted to remind everyone who has forgotten to send in their pre-registration form to send it in right way if you think you are going to ride.  You’ll save $15/day.  This year, you don’t have to send in a check but it sure helps to speed up registration if we have everything ready for you when you arrive.  We never cash any checks until after the ride anyway.  (You can fax it to me at 208.888.1589 or email).
This year Wild Bill Bivens will be cooking Dutch Oven Lasagna on Friday night and I think I heard marinated chicken on the BBQ, salad, and rolls on Saturday night (subject to change).  If you need extra meal tickets please add them to your pre-registration.  Head count will be important this year...we don’t want to run out of yummy cowboy cooking.
Linda is working on a few new trails since the pink and white loop was logged out.  On one of the days, the 50’s will have a long loop in the morning and an expanded meadow loop that is super cool in the afternoon so everyone should finish a little earlier in the day.  The views of Horsethief Reservoir and Scott Meadow is really amazing.  (That is all she has told me so far about the trails...)
Other stuff:  The embroidery folks, Daybreak Promotions ( are finishing up embroidering the 1/2 bale bags for the riders riding two days (or we have a few of last year’s fleece coolers available, too). Cell service (Verizon) seemed to be stronger in the meadow this year than last.  Everyone has to scoop their poop again this year (we will have a big dumpster for poop only).  Certified Weed Free Hay is requested to keep the Kennedy’s meadow pristine.  Susan Favro with Healthy as a Horse said she might not be there on Friday morning to cook pink pancakes this year...she is expecting to become a Grandma but she’ll pull in on Friday sometime to set up her mobile store.  I think she said she would have coffee and hot water available on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
Remember to pack a coat.  It is hard to do when the weather is 90° in Boise but when the sun dips behind the trees the temps drop into the 40’s at night.  Bring fly spray and OFF!  The mountain mosquitoes have been hungry but I didn’t think there were as bad as last year.  Oh man, it is pretty up there this year!!  Lots more natural water and TONS of mountain GREEN grass for the ponies to munch on. 
Remember to bring a few extra fun dollars for the Strides Against Breast Cancer Raffle.  Liz Smallwood and Cynthia Labrie have been working their butts off getting some amazing raffle items.  (I swear Cynthia must get her clients in the dental chair and she won’t let them out until they agree to donate something!!)  High Country Plastics donated a ton of things again this year, too.  We can’t thank our sponsors enough! 
Hope to see a bunch of you rolling into ride camp this year.
Sally Tarbet
Head Flamingo  (for flyer and registration form)
PS  Both 50’s are AHA sanctioned/approved rides.

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