Tuesday 5 July 2011

W: Big Bear

There are only 11 places left in the Big Bear 55/100, located at the Heart Bar Equestrian Group Camp, San Bernardino National Forest.

Date: 10 Sept, 2011

The 55 for this ride would be an excellent prep for Tevis riders who would like
to get some experience for themselves or their horses with technical single
track trail, elevation, and being out on the trail for a long time. From last
year, I took out some of the single track and put in some jeep roads so that
riders can make some time. It was about 80% single track, it is now about 60%.
This also added quite a bit of climbing as the single track was mostly a
traverse, while the jeep road goes down into a valley and climbs back out again.

The weather should be perfect, the moon will be almost full, and the trail is
beautiful riding. For the 100, much of the riding in the dark has been moved
from the single track PCT onto the jeep roads of Holcomb Valley and Gocke
Valley. Previous years, the ride has been out and back on the PCT, now it is
out on the PCT, back on jeep roads.

An entry form can be found at:


If you want a prep for Tevis, the 55 is good timing and good practice.

If you want a smaller Tevis, the 100 should be more than enough challenge.

And everybody who has ridden any sections of it agrees that riding this section
of the PCT is some of the best riding they have ever done.

Orange County, Calif.

p.s. Camp has horse stalls for all the horses, hose bibs at the stalls, flush
toilets, hot showers, fire rings...and limited parking (which is why the ride
has limited entries).

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