Tuesday 9 April 2013

CT: Ozark Trail 100

Just like riding with Wendel Robie


Don't you wish you could have been around when they first started doing the Tevis ride? Imagine what it would have been like to ride that 100 rugged miles without all the hoopla and crowded trail of todays Tevis? Just you and a few brave fool hardy individuals testing yourself and your mount against a tough trail..Wouldn't that be cool?

Well you can either invent a time machine and go back 50 some years in time to meet up with those early pioneers....or.... three weeks from now you can ride the Ozark Trail 100 on April 27 from Steelville to Black, Missouri.

This is the only other point to point ride in the country. It is tough, technical and has really pretty scenery. Right now only 8 people are entered. Go buy yourself a pair of Big Girl panties and come ride.

Paul N. Sidio

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