Thursday 4 April 2013

MT: Colorado Mountain Mettle


The Colorado Mountain Mettle Endurance Ride is only 11 weeks away! This year it is to be held on June 21 and 22 near Littleton, Colorado.

We are hosting a 100, 75, and 30 mile rides on Friday and a 50 and 30 mile ride Saturday. The trail has been modified and on Friday will go basically West from the Sharptail Ridge Open Space near Littleton to the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area which is between the towns of Pine Junction and Woodland Park. Saturday's ride will start at Sharptail, use the Indian Creek system, and return to Sharptail for the finish. All the information can be found on The Ride's website:

Marking the route will begin on Monday, June17, and clean up needs to be completed by Monday, June 24, at the end of the day. The entire course is non-motorized and on multi use trails. Rider volunteers are needed to not only mark/unmark trail, but to be safety riders (following the last competitors to the finish line), and to direct traffic at important intersections. Most of the sections of trail are 12-18 miles long.

We will need horse trailers and drivers to shuttle the marking team between vet stops and to shuttle competitors & horses from the vet checks back to Sharptail. The majority of this work will be needed Friday, 9:00 am-2:00 pm.

We will need shuttle trailers for the 100 and 75 mile riders to bring horse/rider teams back from their finish at Buffalo Creek to Sharptail Friday aternoon and evening -Saturday morning 6:00 am.( The 100's have until 5:00 am to finish.)

Other volunteer opportunities include: Helping at a vet check as timers, scribes, pulse takers, people care (food/water for vets, riders, etc...). We also need people to help keep water in the tanks for horses and someone to attach glow sticks to clothes pins so they can be hung for the late 100 mile riders. Of course, there is always set up and clean up at the vet checks as well.

Other things that would be helpful: are pickups with campers or shells at the vet checks so the vets and volunteers could get some rest in between riders. We also need stackable water tanks and sponge tubs and 5-7 gallon water jugs for refilling tanks. A large water (300 gallon) tank for delivering the intial water is also on our wish list.

Mounted Patrol Members will have additional patrol opportunities and information through Team Cowboy. Thank you in for considering Colorado Mountain Mettle Endurance Ride in your summer's planning!

For more information and entry forms, see:

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