Monday 15 April 2013

NW: Hoof Clinic at Mustang Mountain Ranch

Dear Fellow Endurance Riders:
    Mustang Mountain Ranch announces our first clinic of the year ~ Yahoo!
 June 22, 2013 in Yacolt, Washington
 This is a clinic for those contemplating transitioning their Equine partner to barefoot and for those who have already transitioned and want to learn and take control of the trimming and booting processes.  This will be a low stress activity as we know from our own experience how tiring and awkward hoof care can be until you build technique and stamina.  There will be lots of breaks as we will work on one component of the hoof at a time such as heels, quarters, break-over etc. and have discussion and critique between.
     We intend to give you the confidence to begin the barefoot journey of maintaining your horse’s hoofs and properly choosing and fitting hoof boots.  We will cover the transition process to include optimum feeding and horse keeping for healthy hoofs.  If there is sufficient interest, we will offer on-going follow-up support to monitor progress and provide coaching to build confidence and advanced skills.
     Boot selection and fitting can be very frustrating.  We will help you select the best type of boot for your intended purpose whether it is easy going trail riding to extreme multi-day endurance competition.  If you already have boots, bring them along and we will verify fit.
     A complete set of tools will be available for your use.  You can of course bring and use your own as long as the rasp, your most important tool, is sharp.  All tools and a wide selection of hoof boots will be available for purchase at competitive prices.
Warmest Regards,
Theresa Kays-Tillotson
Cell:  253-508-0963
For further information:
Mustang Mountain Ranch
Owned by Chuck and Annette Cowan

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