Thursday, 18 April 2013

NW: Buckskin Challenge is On!

The Buckskin Challenge 25 & 50 & Trail Ride will be held June 8, 2013

Come and see if you are ready for the Tevis in July!

We have spent many hours revising trail to find a balance between enjoyable and challenging.

The ride trails wind through the hills and mountains east of Pocatello, Idaho. Base camp is only 4 miles from the I-15 freeway. Pavement until you enter base camp.

✓ We have plenty of horse water and limited people water.

✓ Dinner the night before is included in your entry fee. Non-rider meals will cost $10.

✓ The ride is on private ground so dogs MUST BE LEASHED AY ALL TIMES.

✓ Plenty of room for large rigs.

Ride Management:

Chris & Kara Yost
8435 N. Parks Rd.
Pocatello, ID 83201 or 208-251-7337

For more details and entry options, see our website at:

The Buckskin Challenge Sponsored by Team Endurance

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