Monday 25 April 2011

Cuyamaca Camp Out Invite

The Santa Fe Hunt (you do not have to any affiliation to them) is having its 23rd Annual Camp Out. It is scheduled for June 8-June13, 2011. The Block of time is a week. You can buy a week and split days with friend and their horse.

It is for horse and rider, fantastic breakfasts and lusious dinners are providied. Corralls are 12x12. You provide horse feed. Lots of hose bibs. And are you ready for this....permenant toilets (flush) and HOT showers Free. I know many are going to rides. But, if you have a few days to get away or whatever, Think about. There is plenty of room for big rigs, motothomes. No elec, or holding tank dump there.
Based in the mountains above Julian. BYOB. If interested email me or call 760 927 0067. I took last year and then never did a ride. Ohhh well. this is another year right?

Cost for person for the week $150.00 Cost for horse is $150.00. Now remember Purchase the week and split with a friend one takes Wed June 8-10 and some one else comes up on afternoon of June 10 and stays till June 13. Happy trails

Donna and "The Kid"

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