Saturday 23 April 2011

NW: Owyhee Fandango Update - Idaho

Owyhee Fandango
Oreana, Idaho
May 27-28-29

More information:

Well, I hiked the wild river trail today, looking for a better path through the boulder field. I found a few more detours and was feeling much better about the trail, until the very end when I came upon a new boulder smack in the middle of the trail - mother nature (gravity) at work - and no way around it. So the 80 and the 100 will still do the 80 mile course to Celebration Park (across the River on Guffy Bridge) and along the river through the petroglyph boulders...but we won't do that short stretch of wild and beautiful river trail through the really big and nasty boulders.

For those of you didn't like those pesky rocks - rest easy :)

For those of you that loved it - maybe that new boulder will roll a little farther down by next year!

It's going to be a spectacular this year - the grass is incredible from all the rain, and the wildflowers should be amazing.

Days one and two will be the same as last year - up to Alder Creek at the base of Toy Mountain on day 1, and Hart Creek and Birds of Prey on day 2.

And that's the news from Oreana,


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