Sunday 8 May 2011

NW: Owyhee Fandango

Owyhee Fandango - May 27, 28, 29 - Oreana, Idaho

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Hoof trimming and hoof protection clinic and demo
Thursday 9am to noon

Thursday evening: Wine & Cheese Welcome Party - sponsored by Vettec!

Come join us for another Fandango! Three days of riding in the Owyhee back country - from the high country juniper forests and magnificent rock formations - to the grand Snake River canyon at 2000ft elevation. Springtime weather - This is a beautiful time in the Owyhees with grass and wild flowers, water in the creeks and snow on the mountains.

Friday - 25/50 miles

Saturday - 25/50 miles

Sunday - 30/60/80/100 miles - River Run! (revised).

Every day a different trail!

Day 1:
Alder Creek 25/50 - you'll feel like you're in the wilderness with several creek crossings, sweeping views, beautiful rock formations and canyons. All holds will be out of camp. see map and details

Day 2: Hart Creek / Birds of Prey 25/50 - ride two large loops; south of camp into the rugged Hart Creek drainage, and north of camp to the Birds of Prey area with soft trails and sand washes. One half-way hold in camp. see map and details

Day 3 Trail & distance Revisions!
(see map for details)
Day 3:
Snake River Run 30/60/80/100 - (revised for 2011) This will be a special trail along the Oregon Trail to the Snake River. Ride below the canyon walls, by ancient petroglyphs and old homesteads. A day of beatiful scenery, river wildlife and great footing for the horses! see map and details

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