Monday 23 May 2011

W: NASTR 30*50*75 is on in Nevada on June 4th

may 23 2011

I wanted to post an update for the NASTR ride on June 4th in Nevada. We believe as long as there aren't any new outbreaks between now and June 3rd the ride is on. We have talked with our head Control Judge, Dr. Jay Mero and we decided to proceed cautiously.

If we see a new outbreak and decide to cancel the ride we will advise all entries immediately and post on our web site at in addition to the aerc web site.

The only request we have is for all participants to check their horses temperature before loading to come to the ride. As you know, if your horse has a temperature of 102 you will not be allowed to say at the ride. We will also be taking your horses temperature when you arrive at base camp in Dayton, Nevada.

If you have any questions please call me at 775-267-4873.
Thank you,
Kim Mileo
NASTR Ride Manager


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