Tuesday 10 May 2011

SW: Ride the Divide

Ride the Divide 3 Day Pioneer

Date: May 27 - 29, 2011
Sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference
Sponsored by the Springdale LLC & Lif Strand

NEW: Ride & Tie on day 3!
Melanie Weir, President of the Ride & Tie Association, will give a "how to" talk after the general ride meeting on Saturday evening, May 28.
If you've ever wanted to do R&T, this is your chance!

Distances: Day 1
Trail: El Caso/Armijo Springs Distance: 35/50
Day 2 Trail: Spring Trail Distance: 35/55
Day 3 Trail: El Caso/Armijo Springs Distance: 35/50, Ride & Tie - 35

Location: Quemado Lake, Catron County, NM
· USFS Gila National Forest
· Catron County road system (dirt) and private land trails on El Caso Ranch

Manager 1: Lif Strand (AERC 2355, RAT 2180)
Manager 2: Ray Sansom (AERC 6080)

Ride Secretary:
Kathy Sansom (AERC 6081)
P.O. Box 10, Datil, NM 87821
Telephone: (928) 428-4573
Email: RTD@discovercatron.com

Head Vet: Sid Zargas (AERC 9463)

Vet check manager: Roger Taylor (AERC 1496)

NOTICE: We've come up with a solution for our lost trails and we think the new trails are better than ever!
2011 Trail changes:

Sometimes when life dishes out lemons and you make lemonade, you find that the lemonade is better than you thought! We've added a brand new trail and modified two others for your riding enjoyment on Day 2 (Spring Trail); you'll do three loops and come back to camp for your vet checks for that day. How easy is that for those without crews? We also use one of the modified trails to make it just a wee bit easier on your horse on Days 1 and 3 - you only have to climb up to that lookout once. Otherwise - it's the same beautiful base camp, same great trail scenery! Hope to see you at Ride the Divide!

2011 Ride & Tie : We are adding in a 35 mile Ride & Tie on El Caso Ranch day 3. Take this opportunity to learn how to do Ride & Tie. More info...

Lunches will be served to Riders at the vet checks. Dinner meals will NOT be served. Riders will be on their own for dinner.

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