Monday 30 May 2011

W: NASTR ride is on! June 4th

The NASTR 30-50-75 is on for June 4th in Dayton, Nevada. We have spoken with our vets and we feel it is safe to go forward with our ride. We will be requesting you to temp your horse before you leave home and we will be taking temperatures when you arrive at ride camp. Please bring a thermometer if you can. We will have some available. We will also be taking a few other precautions.

If you decide too late to send an entry, please call us so we will have enough food for the BBQ lunch at the out vet check.

We are marking trail and it is beautiful with lots of water in our little creeks throughout the ride. Don't miss out on a wonderful fun weekend with the fun Nevada riders.

Kim Mileo
NASTR Ride Manager


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